Comenius multilateral 2010-2012


How to improve chances of our students when entering into labor market?


ComeniusOur agricultural schools have in mind to facilitate the entrance of our students into the working world and to contribute to the social and professional insertion of our students, whatever the diploma they get.

So we have had the idea to watch over the borders so as to see how the different countries in Europe succeed in doing this goal. The title of our project is: „How to improve chances of our students when entering into labor market?“

Partners of the project (click for details):

EPL 47, Site de Nérac

Stredná odborná škola Banská Bystrica

Tauferova střední odborná škola veterinární v Kroměříži

Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Litzlhof

Grm Novo mesto – center biothnike in turizma
Kmetijska sola Grm in biotehniska gimnazija


Each school has visited 2 different partners schools during 1week and received the 2 other ones. The hosting school prepared a program of visits. The main goal was to present the labor market and the conditions of life of people in the different countries and help students to find other ways to facilitate their entrance into the working world.

Communication was very important and intensive and students got really involved in the experience and worked and communicate well with others. During meetings with the students of the hosting schools, students could also have a view and compare the social life in the different countries: families’ problems, unemployment, cost of living, laws……all rules which are important for them in our days to understand life and to get more eased in it.

We will use this experience in the future to improve our schools’ curriculum and to explain to students how people in Europe can be at the same time so different but also so similar.

This will be a basis to show that Europeans people have the same goals, the same interests, the same way to solve problems and to act in life.


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