AustriaTRIP TO AUSTRIA FROM FRANCE: 11.5.2011 – 20.5.2011

Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Litzlhof



The first thing that surprised us when we arrived in Litzlhof, the agricultural school with which we have a Comenius program, was the space around the school. This school is effectively surrounded by woods, mountains and it seems so opened to nature!

Secondly the way students are led at the school: they are living with more autonomy than in France, free to go in or outside the school, to take care about their machines….Effectively there are 3 sectors of activity in the school (animal production, vegetal production and forestry)and each of them is led by teachers helped by students.

After having visiting the school and the sectors of activities (apple juice processing, bees, farm) we discovered many farms with different productions: horticulture, yoghurt and milk, herbs,ranch,wood…) Each time we met the farmer who was explaining his production and it was really interesting.

We also visited towns not far from the school like Spittal, Salzburg, played sports with the Austrian students (football) or by ourselves (climbing). We also walk many times in the Alps, on the glaciers and it was impressive.

At school we practice also with other students by helping identifying herbs from the mountains, taking care of the veals, preparing the ropes and catching the animals….and we also communicate on a presentation of our school in France, what do we do, how do we live in our school,what kind of job we want to do,the way to find one at the end of our studies…..

What an interesting experience we had!

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SlovakiaTRIP TO SLOVAKIA FROM FRANCE: 11.5.2011 – 20.5.2011

Stredná odborná škola Banská Bystrice



Diary of Noemie Lamoureux

1st day

The departure with the airplane is at 10h20 am! Everyone was on time to meet at the airport of Toulouse for the big departure ! Bye bye la France.

Well we left for Vienna in Austria where a bus was waiting for us to go to Slovakia. After two hours of airplane and four hours of bus , we arrived at the ‘Banska Bystrica’ school where we stayed for ten days.

Our rooms were like small apartments and we waited for dinner time.

At 6pm after having eaten, it was time to go and sleep after this nice and long day of travel.

2nd day

Waken up at 7am. After having breakfast we were all ready to start the activities of the day, beginning with a local visit of the school (teachers room, class-rooms, dining hall, the gym..) guided by <Lukas>, the history and german teacher, who was supervising us during our day.

After lunch, we took the bus and went to visit the town, a certain circuit named <the circuit of the clock> and then we climbed on the top and we discovered a magnificent view on the mountains and the forests.

After this short visit we had some free time.

Back to school, everybody played sports : basket-ball, hockey, fitness…

3rd day

We visited an original village which represents, thanks to its architecture, the slovakian fairy-tales villages for kids ! And we did activities: planting water-trees in front of the pond, arrangement of deck chairs on the site, spectacles;…..

We ate at a restaurant, lunch began with a soup, then the main plate with rice, meat and different vegetables.

In the afternoon, we did activities : trampoline, sledge course, climbing, tree climbing course.. we had a lot of fun..

Return to school where we did the same routine: dinner, sport, sleeping !

4th day

Morning program : visiting a museum, connected with a country’s iron factory, visiting the inside where the conditions of life were so difficult : heat, noise, dust…

In the afternoon we ate at a traditional Slovakian restaurant : the clothes of the waitress, the tables, benches, the architecture of the restaurant, the food…. everything was typically Slovakian.

Everyone ordered different dishes in order to taste them all.

In the afternoon, we visited a castle which was bought by the iron factory for its reputation.

5th day

We visited a surprising and interesting place: a kind of hotel/bergerie/restaurant, where there were animals (horses, goats, pigs, chickens, sheeps, rabbits..) and we helped the care-takers to clean the boxes, to sweep the floor ! Then we went to bowling.

We ate there at a restaurant , the dishes were delicious : a soup, then meat with mushrooms, french fries, salad with sugar beets.

In the afternoon, we spent 1 hour at a spa and a swimmingpool.

We left the place to go and visit the museum of resistance of the country. After this visit we had some free time.

In the evening: diner and sport again!

6th day

This morning, after our breakfast, we went backstage of the school : in the kitchen where were helped by the teachers and students to cook tea cakes, and to work on the decoration of biscuits.

Then we prepare ourselves to go to families for the weekend.

9th day

(Some of them came back to school on Sunday evening)

Instructors came to teach us how to find gold in a handfull of dirt mixed with is a very precise and complicated technique. The one who found a nugget of gold wins it and a small diploma !

In the afternoon, before dinner, we had a little meeting with the teachers and the slovakian students who were with us the whole week. We all got diplomas indicating that we participated to the project, <Comenius>.

After our dinner in the dining hall, we were led behind the school where tables and other kichenwares were ready to be used to cook. The program ;French students preparing a Slovakian recipe and Slovakian students preparing a fFench recipe. So our mission was to make <Halushkis> and they made spaghetti carbonara.

In the evening we played sport for the last time: Volleyball, badminton and a competition of pumping muscles ! After a good moment spent together with our group, we returned to our room to do … our suitcase for the big departure tomorrow at 8am!

10th day

Last Slovakian breakfast. Gathering at the parking at 8am, goodbye to all our Slovakian friends and teachers.

Ready for 4hours of bus. Arrival at the airport of Vienna at 12h, we boarded at 12,30pm .

Landing on the French soil in Toulouse at 3,30pm.

Arrival in Nerac at 5,30pm.

It was a nice and great trip full of discoveries and surprises. Thank you to the european Commission to have allowed us to do it and to the teachers who prepared or accompanied the trip.