Slovenian students in France

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Kmetijska šola Grm in biotehniška gimnazija from Novo mesto (Agricultural school Grm and biotechnical high school) was succesfull with application for Comenius multilateral partnership. The title of the project is How to improve chances of our students when entering into labour market?

12 students educated in florists, gardener and horticulture technican programs and 2 teachers visited the partner school EPLEFPA Armand Fallieres in France. The visit  between 1st and 10th March 2011. Slovenian students discovered the another school, education system and a different culture.

They visit the museum of cork, the museum of plums, the castle of Henrik IV and the exibition of cattle. Students from Slovenia also visit the horticulture schools in Sn. Livrade and Tonneins.

With French student they exchange their practical expiriences, play sports and have a lot of fun. During the weekend they visit their new friends families and stay with them.

The exchange was a great expirience for our students. They get a lot of new friendships and improve themselves in english.

Students return home full of knowledge and with the wishes that they will visit their French friends again.

Written: Mateja Prus, coordinator of the project in Slovenia

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Comenius visit in Czech Republic

Czech republicTauferova střední odborná škola veterinární Kroměříž


Under the Comenius multilateral partnership project the group of 12 students and two teachers from Kmetijska šola Grm in biotehniška gimnazija in May 2012 visited the partner school Tauferova stredni odborna škola veterinarni Kromeriž in the Czech Republic. At the same time there was also another partner school: Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Litzlhof from Austria.

Together they discovered the hosting school, the towns Kromeriž and Olomouc. They visited family farm Vyjidaček, agricultural company Agroječminek, ecological farm Greicarova and ranch Kvasice. Students visited a lot of cultural attractions like castles, museums and churches. All together Slovenian, Austrian and Czech students cooperated in practical work. They had practical works in field of veterinary, biology, anatomy and animal health care. They also exchanged their experience of their practical training, their career and the differences between their countries.

The visit was a great opportunity to improve themselves in English, to meet students from other countries and to get new friendships.

Students spent a great time in Kromeriž and they returned home with the wish that they will go there again.

Written: Mateja Prus, coordinator of the project in Slovenia